What will an integration company look like in 2021?

Submitted by Chris Miller, Executive Director at PSNI For years the Wall Street Journal held an annual Investment Dartboard Contest, where expert investment picks faced off against those selected by staffers tossing darts at a stock table. The experts won by a narrow margin—at first—but as time went on the darts came out ahead nearly … Read more

Projection Screen Evolution and Selection

By: Draper Inc. If there’s one constant in the AV industry, it is change. Technologies change, solutions evolve, new ideas take hold and force out old ways of thinking. Projection screens have followed this same course of evolution and improvements. New materials have continually been in development to deal with changes in projection technology, room … Read more

FCC Changes the Rules of Personal Privacy

This September in New York City, InfoComm International held the third IoT Insights event where I was invited to speak about government policy issues and how that applies not only to the Internet of Things, but also to the audiovisual industry as a whole. You can see the Periscope stream of the presentation I gave … Read more

Networking chops: Do you need them or can you rely on vendors?

By: Anthony Zotti As a residential integrator, you’ve spent countless hours learning the ins and outs of Dolby Atmos, HDBaseT, how to dim LED fixtures, the nitty gritty of your chosen control platform and more. Commercial systems integrators invest in similar countless hours educating themselves on sound reinforcement, staging, video walls, video conferencing products, the … Read more

Marketing in the Modern Age for AV

By: Alesia Hendley Multimedia plays a major role in creating this AV community of techies. When I read about the history of the #avtweeps hashtag and listen to Dawn Meade and Kelly Perkins on AVSocial touching on so many different social subjects and incorporating them with AV I get excited because it ignites all my passions. The industry is very tech driven yet quite a few companies and … Read more

What’s New At Digital Signage Expo 2017

By: Andrea Varrone            Now in its 14th year, the Digital Signage Expo (DSE) always embraces the challenge of finding new ways to keep the show fresh; not only first-time attendees, but also for those that make the trip annually. Both the show floor and conference program will see significant upgrades … Read more

3 Ways to be SUPER in AV Month!

By: Da-Lite Man Hey everyone! I couldn’t be more excited about #AVmonth, I mean, without AV what would I do?  (I’m sure I’d still wear blue spandex, but that’s an issue my therapist and I are working on together.) Given that I’m always looking for ways that we can flex our collective AV muscle, I … Read more

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