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InfoComm 2016 Plans

Getting Ready for Las Vegas I’m liking what my blog has turned into over the last few years. Typically I’ll write about business advice, personal productivity, or ways to make your team better. Every once in a while I will have to step aside and make sure you are aware of some pretty cool things … Read more

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AVWeek Episode 242: The V in AVB

Polycom is getting purchased. Extron has a new 4:4:4 4K scaler. What does the new USB-C mean for the AV Industry? Plus, Cisco has entered into the TSN/AVB world with a new switch. Host: Tim Albright Guests: Bill Brown, Chris Bach, and Joe Cornwall Runtime: 31:14 Video:   Stories: Extron’s new 4K scaler Cisco’s AVB/TSN switch USB-C … Read more

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AVWeek Episode 237: Do You Have the Bandwidth?

A group has come up with a way to push 40 gig down Cat 8. The FCC is auctioning off more wireless spectrum. Plus we answer the question, do we need a winner for networked audio? Host: Tim Albright Guests: George Fornier, Justin Kennington, Julio Carrasco Runtime: 32:10 Video:   Stories: The FCC’s wireless spectrum auction … Read more

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AVWeek Episode 219: Leadership and Education

With the passing of two industry greats this week we ask the question, where are our next AV leaders? How do you keep your employees educated? Harman has a new AVnu Certified processor. What does this mean for TSN? Plus we dive into IoT for AV. Host: Tim Albright Guests: Bradford Benn, Karl Jackson, and Michelle … Read more

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AVWeek Episode 194: Network Pyrotechnics

AVB is now officially TSN, The Music Group buys The Tech Group, and how long until projection mapping becomes a thing? Host: Tim Albright Guests: Josh Srago, Brad Grimes, and Micha Reisling Record Date: 5/07/2015 Running Time: 55:38 Stories: Nortek’s AV division losing money Projection mapping on a Volvo CEDIA is looking for a new CEO Music Group … Read more

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AVWeek Episode 175: The Best of 2014

2014 was a year of transition, loss, and change. It was a great year for AV as well as AVNation. This episode is a combination of all the best episodes voted on by you. How did you vote? With your comments and downloads. These are the most commented on, viewed, downloaded, and shared episodes. So, sit back and enjoy a recap of InfoComm 2014, AVB, Smart Technology, control systems, and the #AVSelfie Song.

Read moreAVWeek Episode 175: The Best of 2014

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Cool AVB (Audio Video Bridging) Trick

One of my greatest joys is learning something cool and useful, then sharing it with others. This was one of those weeks. Like many of you, my job has entailed programming the new Forte’ line of Biamp products. These products give great flexibility and AVB in a single rack unit. Think Nexia with AVB and … Read more

¿Usted habla AVB?

Biamp Systems are sending their Area Manager for Central America, Ernesto Montañez, to teach a class on AVB at InfoComm Mexico this month. The class, “Understanding AVB and its Advantages” , will cover how integrators in Central America can utelize IEEE to send audio, and video, across the network.  AVB has had a number of developments this … Read more

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