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MHO 19: What Could Possibly Go Wrong

Alexa, the voice activated ‘Digital Assistant, is on all of our clients lips, and control companies are eagerly tying into it. Now with an added camera, just what does this mean to the integration industry, and who would trust this thing in their bedroom?

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ResiWeek 64: Run Towards the Money

This week on ResiWeek We look at Samsung and Amazon’s push toward HDR 10+. SnapAV is dropping their OVRC fee. Plus, a unique marketing tool from our recurring guest, Joe Whitaker, that involves custom labeled Amazon Dots.

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Commercial’s Disruptive Home

In a movement that has been building for some time, 2017 promises to continue the rise of the consumer market driving the commercial market. With the advent of BYOD becoming standard operating procedure in the commercial space, a host of other consumer-based products and concepts are flooding through those battered gates that long kept the … Read more

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