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Daily Download June 15, 2018

The sales and marketing value of industry awards

AVSocial 33: AVIXA, CES, CEA, NAB, and nearly every publication (including AVNation) have awards of some type throughout the year. Our panel today discusses the value of pursuing industry awards from groups that are not in your home country.

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AVSocial 33: Awards

Getting awarded for the AV work you do.

Everyone likes to get recognized for doing something special or unique. Every two years we celebrate the Olympics in either the Summer or Winter. The Stanley Cup, World Cup, World Series, or Lombardi Trophy are all symbols of being at the top of your game. We in the audiovisual industry are no different. On this month’s AVSocial we talk with some of the team at Caster Communications about getting recognized for awards, using them in marketing and packaging, and the difference between trade show and annual nods.

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Your Data is AVNation’s Priority

As many of you know, I am a privacy and security advocate. I am also the web architect and digital janitor of AVNation. I follow the principles of privacy and security as I design and implement the AVNation web presence. I am not alone in this desire for privacy and security; as a group, AVNation has joined the EFA. … Read more

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