A State of Control 48 slate

A State of Control 48: Jabroni

Project managing programmers

Project managers and programmers have different goals and timelines. They both need to work together to complete the AV install on time and with the desired outcome. On this episode of A State of Control we talk about the importance of project managers in a control and automation project and how to get both sides communicating more effectively.

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Daily Download June 27, 2018

Expanding Masters

A State of Control 45: Host Steve Greenblatt is joined by Rich Fregosa, Dave Hats, Bernard Morgan, and Jon Otteson talking about Creston Masters. The conversation starts off today discussing the expansion of the Crestron Masters program.

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AVWeek 356 slate

AVWeek 356: Comfort Food

When technology creates a feeling of familiarity

Amazon announces a new “Alexa for Hospitality” which gives hotels voice control. The use of mobile devices for control and automation interfaces. Are there too many “end users” at the InfoComm show; and how do you define end-user?

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State of Control 46 slate

A State of Control 46: Virtualized Control

Software-Defined Automation

As AV continues to grow in the world of IT, not only are more devices on the network and more control taking place using network protocols, the traditional control system processor is now migrating to other forms like server and cloud-based solutions. This is a significant change in the approach to control and will not only cause manufacturers, designers, programmers, and technology managers to think differently, but it will also introduce new areas of value and concern.

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Daily Download June 19, 2018

Driving certification demand

State of Control 45: Crestron, AMX, and other programming companies have several levels of certification. A year ago Crestron introduced their “Diamond” level programmer. Today’s panel is three of those Diamonds talking about what these certifications mean to customers and those outside the audiovisual industry.

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