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ResiWeek 54: Praying for 8K

Sony just announced a new line 4k TV  and their ‘show stopping  $300 native blu-ray, Samsung is reportedly investing 7 billion dollars into LCD Manufacturing, in the US, and  Tim Albright recaps the week that was Integrated Systems Europe (ISE).

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Key Considerations for Streaming 4K Content

4K is more than just seeing every pore on your news anchor’s face. 4K offers clean and crisp content. The ability to create, record, display, and stream 4K content has been a mainstream format for over 2 years. Yet many companies have not made the jump to include 4K as part of their digital media … Read more

How to digitize those dusty VCRs

What do VCRs have in common with slide projectors in schools? In addition to signaling nap time, they have both gone the way of the dinosaur. As Funai Electric announces production of VCRs to be shut down completely, it’s time for schools to modernize the technology being used in order to keep students engaged. The … Read more

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