NDA does not need to mean No Digital Access

During my “day job”, I work on many projects that are subject to Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA). These projects range from new product development to new projects that have not been announced to details of clients and project contents. There are various levels of diligence called out in each agreement. I am not giving any … Read more

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AVWeek Episode 258: Throwin’ Shade

InfoComm has introduced a digital badge system for the CTS community. Legrand is getting more into the lighting, shade, and control business. MIT has introduced their version of glasses-free 3D. Host: Tim Albright Guests: George Tucker – https://twitter.com/TuckerTues Bradford Benn – https://www.bradfordbenn.com Adrian Boyd – https://twitter.com/The_AV_Cad_Guy Christopher Doegl – https://www.umaskin.com/ Brad Grimes – http://www.infocomm.org/ Runtime: 35:07 … Read more

We just want to look at your computer…

Some of you may already be aware that AVNation is a member of the Electronic Frontier Alliance (EFA). Many of the board members of AVNation are also supporters and members of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). You have probably read some of the pieces about Net Neutrality by Josh Srago on the site. Privacy, security, … Read more

Processes are More Important than Tools

In this age of collaboration there are many tools available to help teams work together. There is software to help automate processes. There is unified communications software. There is project management software. There is customer relationship management software. There is bug tracking software. I have found one thing to be consistent among all of these … Read more

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AVWeek Episode 219: Leadership and Education

With the passing of two industry greats this week we ask the question, where are our next AV leaders? How do you keep your employees educated? Harman has a new AVnu Certified processor. What does this mean for TSN? Plus we dive into IoT for AV. Host: Tim Albright Guests: Bradford Benn, Karl Jackson, and Michelle … Read more

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AVWeek Episode 213: You Break It, You Bought It

CEDIA has announced its new CEO. It’s former Crestron executive, Vin Bruno. We talk about licensing versus selling control code. Plus, we get insight into an AV company’s reorganization. Host: Tim Albright Guests:Matt Scott and Bradford Benn Record Date: 9/18/2015 Running Time: 57:03 NOTICE: The YouTube version abruptly ends at the 22:00 mark. We are working … Read more

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