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AVSocial 42: AV Embers

Discussing how marketing and communications in AV has changed in the last 20 years, and how the rise of social media has affected it.

NDA does not need to mean No Digital Access

During my “day job”, I work on many projects that are subject to Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA). These projects range from new product development to new projects that have not been announced to details of clients and project contents. There are various levels of diligence called out in each agreement. I am not giving any … Read more

The #Collaboration Problem (And How We Can Stop It)

By: S. Kyle Davis No one is a bigger fan of collaboration than I am. I love seeing people come together and create solutions that are greater than their individual parts. It’s something that I enjoy professionally at my workplace, and I love seeing how technology can be used to make the process better. I’ve … Read more

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