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The AV Profession 10: Never Lose a Customer

Author Joey Coleman on how to never lose a customer again.

Author Joey Coleman’s brand new book, Never Lose a Customer Again, is a bold statement and manifesto on creating lasting relationships with your clients. We talk with Coleman about fostering referrals, marketing to your current client base, and the one area where host Tim Albright disagrees with Coleman.

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Should You Market Differently to Millennials?

Note: This blog is a continuation of the ideas discussed in a recent ResiWeek podcast. Millennials make up a large percentage of the population. How effective are you at reaching them in your marketing efforts? Customer Service Is King Integrators should be marketing their services to all generations of buyers. Being responsive and answering your … Read more

Uphill in a Blizzard – Both Ways

During any emergency it becomes very apparent what is important and what can be put aside until things return to normalcy. Recently the Mid-Atlantic region experienced a blizzard that made any kind of travel unsafe, if not impossible. How people dealt with keeping their businesses moving forward to start the year when no one was … Read more