AVWeek 360 slate

AVWeek 360: Figure It Out

Signage and Security in AV

Almo purchases a content creation firm to bring those offerings in-house. We talk with the founder of that company about the changes. AVIXA has new recommended guidelines for audiovisual network security. LG and Cisco are partnering to make their products work better together.

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EDTech 62 slate

EDTech 62: PASS Alliance

Using AV tech for safer schools

Our panel this month looks at the NSCA PASS initiative. PASS stands for Partner Alliance for Safer Schools and how NSCA and audiovisual integrators can help school systems assess their preparedness. We also look at using digital signage systems. The best media players for use in the classrooms.

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The LIVE Life 34: Digital Signage For Live Events

Digital Signage Enhances The Event Experience

With flexibility in signage details allowing for immediate changes of content, digital signage brings a wealth of benefits to event managers spreading a brand, conference or sponsor message. On this episode, we discuss the many ways to incorporate and benefit from digital signage for live events.

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AVWeek 344 slate

AVWeek 344: Distributing Services

Getting education and support from distributors

Plantronics is buying Polycom for $2 billion. We wrap up a week at Digital Signage Expo 2018 and discuss where audiovisual integrators can get into the DS market. Getting education and support from your distributor relationships.

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