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AVWeek Episode 271: Half Life

As the U.S. gets ready for their presidential elections we ask what tech policies best encourage the audio visual industry. How do you design for spaces to stay up to date? We also look at the major issues impacting digital signage installations.

Nominate your favorite product for the first annual AVNation Awards.

Host: Tim Albright


Runtime: 33:28

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Content as a Product

For the fifth year a group of manufacturers, creatives, press, and others have gathered for New York Digital Signage Week. It was five days of events packed into mostly midtown and lower Manhattan. If you want to see all our coverage you can go here. We did two live broadcasts. One from Daktronics and Times … Read more

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AVNation Special: Live from the Christie Experiential Network for NYDSW 2016

Our second New York Digital Signage Week. live broadcast comes to you from the offices of the Christie Experiential Network in New York. We talk about helping integrators get into the DS space, who the customers are for digital signage, and marketing DS. We also talk with a tech manager about what happens with digital signage once the installers leave.

Host: Tim Albright


Runtime: 48:13

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What’s New At Digital Signage Expo 2017

By: Andrea Varrone            Now in its 14th year, the Digital Signage Expo (DSE) always embraces the challenge of finding new ways to keep the show fresh; not only first-time attendees, but also for those that make the trip annually. Both the show floor and conference program will see significant upgrades … Read more

Warm or Cold, InfoComm Has an Event for You!

Are you looking to increase your knowledge? Do you want to join in-depth discussions of strategic business planning and industry insights? Then InfoComm has the event for you! November is a busy month for industry leaders who want to network with peers and gain industry knowledge. Let’s take a quick look at two events that … Read more

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NYDSW – Digital Signage in America’s OOH Center

About a year ago AVNation broadcast from a unique perspective; the Daktronics office in the middle of Times Square. Visually it was a wonderful shot. From a content perspective, the insights we brought you were great for any integrator looking to get into, or expand their involvement in, digital signage. You can see last year’s … Read more

Key Considerations for Streaming 4K Content

4K is more than just seeing every pore on your news anchor’s face. 4K offers clean and crisp content. The ability to create, record, display, and stream 4K content has been a mainstream format for over 2 years. Yet many companies have not made the jump to include 4K as part of their digital media … Read more

What Is the Best Display for AV Content?

Displays All Around Many K-12 and higher education institutions have a variety of displays—projectors, LED displays, and video walls—located throughout their campuses. Digital displays have become the go-to way to provide information to faculty, staff, and students. Picking the correct display, though, for content and location can be challenging. Let’s review a few key questions … Read more

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