Anti-Encryption Bill Disables Privacy for All

For a nation that was founded on the idea that every member of society should be guaranteed the opportunity for, “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” our government’s recent actions certainly lead to the belief that these are long since forgotten. Government policies have made a drastic move to being merely reactive to a … Read more

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The Friday Five: January 29, 2016

Cramer Remix: What Apple should buy next I love money articles. Usually the money articles, or those generating for money sites, whether venture funding or in this case CNBC intrigue me. These are sites that sit outside our industry and are not invested in the perspectives we are. Jim Cramer, the rambunctious host of Mad … Read more

That Light In The Tunnel Might Kill You

Malissa Dillman of Kramer Electronics on the dangers of HDCP and integration of 4K displays.    Have you ever seen that bright light at the end of the tunnel and thought “Wow we made it to daylight!” only to realize it’s not daylight but a freight train heading straight at you?  Ok, maybe this is … Read more

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