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Dynamically upgradable AV systems

Keeping client’s AV systems up to date

When QSC announced a new auto-mixing function for their TouchMix-30 Pro it was done through a firmware upgrade. Whether it is sound mixers, control processors, or video transport systems the ability to improve audiovisual devices is one of the advances made in the last ten years that enables ProAV integrators to stretch the life of a system.

Listen to AVWeek 357: The World is Watching

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AVWeek 357 slate

AVWeek 357: The World is Watching

Go where the people are

Audiovisual manufacturers are using the World Cup to debut and sell their wares. Sony released an immersive audio product that goes after Dolby ATMOS but also includes some unique features. Looking at hardware development through the lens of software-first.

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A State of Control 42: RAG; Red, Amber, Green

Firmware. Firmware everywhere. This month we discuss who is responsible for keeping firmware updated in your installations. The best ways to manage firmware across a client’s network. And where your audiovisual devices are in the firmware lifecycle.

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Collection of Tweets between EFF showing how the information is not clear

Bradford’s Brain Balloons Column #0017 – Privacy changes Ownership

During the week of August 24, 2017 a discussion about how privacy impacts ownership garnered new attention after a Sonos update. The Boston Globe reported about a lawsuit that was based on a ZDnet article. There are many facets to this specific situation that can be debated, however the basic concept of a company changing … Read more

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