Bradford’s Brain Balloons Column #0019 – Change is Constant

My upcoming change in employment is a little unsettling of course. A few proactive items have made the process easier I think. Admittedly being laid off is different from other separations from work. Being prepared though will still make the impact easier to handle no matter the reason.

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State of Control 38: Code Switching

The 2017 Harman Developer Conference highlighted a number of great developments and some changes in the industry. AV programmers are now evolving into Software developers, the influx of standard programming languages and what this means for the future of the industry.

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Samsung and Harman look to cars, connected, and continuity

It has been done. The announcement was a bit earlier in the year than I expected actually. Last week Samsung announced their acquisition of Harman had been completed. Harman stock was delisted on the NYSE as of March 13. It is complete. Within all the press release stuff, I want you to notice something.  Samsung’s … Read more

How IoT Can Connect All Aspects of Your Life

Note: This blog is a continuation of the ideas discussed in a recent Connected podcast. When you think of consumer and residential tradeshows like CES and CEDIA, you think that those technologies only affect your home life. However, in recent years many technologies have been developed to work as both consumer and professional tools. Harman, … Read more