Bradford’s Brain Balloons Column #0018 – Business Beliefs

Every so often things happen behind the scenes at AVNation HQ that Tim and I believe are worth sharing with our audience. During the week of August 25th there were some challenges with connecting to the AVNation servers. Our hosting company, Dreamhost, was under a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. The attack resulted in … Read more

The Self-Hating Technologist Part 2

See part one of The Self-Hating Technologist here. One of Us With the global adoption of smart devices and interconnected systems, a digital ecosystem has been created that allows unmatched potential for communication and learning. It also means that to participate in that ecosystem, you have to choose how much of yourself and your information … Read more

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AVWeek Episode 224: Three Irish Guys

Almo has announced their new Internet and phone service. What content is there for 4K? We talk about how to grow your business and get on the SCN Top 50? Plus, what is Cisco doing with Acano? Host: Tim Albright Guests: John Greene, Shaun Robinson, & Ed Morgan. Record Date: 12/4/2015 Running Time: 31:07 Video:   … Read more

Your Wi-Fi Sucks

Tony Zotti of the Power Over Ethernet and DIY shows on how to have the ultimate WiFi experience  I’ll bet you bought a single, consumer grade wireless router and plugged it in wherever your modem is with no regard for best signal distribution. I’d wager that you didn’t do any sort of scan for neighboring, contentious APs (Access … Read more

Benn on AVB

The various methods of transporting audio digitally have expanded over the past decade, leading to a veritable alphabet soup of protocols to chose between. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages to be considered before deploying a system. There are multiple options available as there are multiple problems to be solved. Not all of … Read more

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