IT AV 24 slate

IT AV 24: Should You…?

Upgrading the classroom to be on the network, ensuring IoT devices are secure on the corporate LAN, and the future of AV on IP networks.

AVWeek 377 slate

AVWeek 377: Slow Creep

How integrators can get involved in the smart city movement, what makes AV education exceptional, and when it’s time to start seriously considering 8K.

IT AV 19 slate

IT AV 19: Isolate

IoT Abuses

A New York Times piece highlighted how domestic abuse cases are starting to include the use of smart home and IoT devices as tools of harassment. What you and your IT and AV team need to know to protect yourselves and your company from a disgruntled ex-spouse or ex-employee. The new WPA 3 is coming from the WiFi Alliance and IEEE. How it will impact networks and security.

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ResiWeek 126 slate

ResiWeek 126: Crossover Products

Multitasker AV Products

On this week’s ResiWeek our panel discusses audiovisual products that can be used in both commercial and residential installs. A new service is out that claims to corral all your smart home products. What you need to know about harassment and IoT devices.

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Daily Download June 1, 2018

New owners for ZWave technology

ResiWeek 116: Silicon Labs has finalized their purchase of ZWave. We hear from both Mitch Klein from the ZWave Alliance as well as Tim Albright about what this means for audiovisual dealers looking for a more secure IoT solution.

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Daily Download April 11, 2018

What Amazon gets from Ring

ResiWeek 109: Amazon has purchased smart doorbell maker, Ring, for $1 billion. It has since dropped the price to $100. Rich Fregosa and Tim Albright join Matt Scott to discuss what Amazon’s strategy is with this acquisition.

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AVWeek 329: Facetime

On this episode of AVWeek our panel looks at the best way to enter a new geographical market and support that market. The rise of IoT is more apparent every day. Does that mean the estimate of $1 trillion in sales by 2020 is acurate?

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