Bradford thinking that Static isn't just for the radio while standing in front of equipment

Bradford’s Brain Balloons Column #0006 – How do you set your address?

When I was starting to think about writing this weekly column, I asked people for topics. Only one person answered. This individual had lots of questions. The biggest question he had is why the Bears suck at picking a quarterback. The other inquiries were good also. This topic stuck as a good discussion. Should IP … Read more

InfoComm Observations Day 1

Revolutionary may be a bit of an overstatement, but this year’s InfoComm is, so far, very close. Let’s start with the entrance into video from both QSC and Biamp. QSC is leveraging their Q-SYS system to transport video onto their existing audio network and have also introduced their own, branded, PTZ camera. Biamp has also … Read more

AVWeek Show Logo

AVWeek Episode 225: Accomodate All Technologies

>This week we talk about the recent InfoComm elections. Where is InfoComm heading? Plus we tackle the high speed topic of video over the network. Host: Tim Albright Guests: Ednan Chaudhry, Sam Malik, Ken Eagle, and Andrea Medeiros Record Date: 12/11/2015 Running Time: 31:24 Video:     Stories: InfoComm elects 2016 board IP video workflow Stories … Read more

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