AVWeek 405 slate

AVWeek 405: AV As Art

How restrictions on international deals will affect the industry, using AV to create art, and the state of IT and AV.

IT AV 28 slate

IT AV 28: Backup, Backup

Discussing the best practices for backing up files and making sure you don’t lose anything important.

AVWeek 361 slate

AVWeek 361: Training Wheels

AV education in IT

Getting audiovisual installers a running start on configuring IT switches for AV transport. Distributors mergers and acquisitions and the impact they will have on the global AV economy. Displays with built-in computers versus modular additions.

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AVWeek 311: Dialogue or Die

Manufacturers have councils and programs to get feedback from clients and end users. How successful are these programs? Getting audio video professionals to translate between AV and IT. The best way to pass on the knowledge in your head to the next generation.

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