IT goes with AV like PB&J

Note: This blog is a continuation of the ideas discussed in a recent IT/AV podcast. After lots of talk, the AV/IT convergence is well underway. AV is no longer its own specialized department but is part of the global information technology services that the IT department provides for end-users. While still in this transitionary period, … Read more

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AVWeek Episode 269: Belly to Belly Sales

On this episode we look ahead and predict what the AV market will do over the next four years. How do you sell to the CIO or CTO? We end up talking about what would you change in the audio visual industry?

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Host: Tim Albright


Runtime: 31:22

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AVWeek Episode 254: Sorry, I’m Late

Harman International is moving jobs from Indiana to Southern California and Mexico. What does this say about the health of the AV company? Polycom says No to Mitel and yes to Siris. VC companies have entered into the world of AV. Plus, what is the value of the APEx certification? Host: Tim Albright Guests:Harry Meade, Josh … Read more

Time for Enterprises to Re-Think AV

Earlier this week Ars technica broke the story that a security consulting firm found a couple of “backdoors” in an industry standard AV room control system. The fact that the AMX NX-1200 had these hidden accesses with colorful developer names (resembling superheroes) also caused them some concern. It took AMX (now a Harman company) seven months … Read more

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Connected 2: Securely

On this episode of connected David speaks with a panel of experts on internet security.Will the new wave of IoT devices lead to a Terminator style rise of the machines, or are there actions we can take to ensure the security of our data (and not give away all our rights every time we click “I Agree” on a software license?)

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