Kramer at ISE2017 talking customer focused evolution

We stopped by the Kramer booth to get a jump on ISE 2017. We talk about what they are doing to help integrators implement smart rooms more seamlessly and how they have evolved over the last five years. Editor’s note: Kramer Electronics is an AVNation underwriter. Host: Tim Albright Recording Date: 2/7/2017 Running Time: 8:04 Video:

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AVWeek Episode 214: We Are The Glue

Lighting to replace Wifi?, VR to make huddle rooms passe’?, Sonos loses round 1 in court, these stories and more… Host: George Tucker Guests:  Jonathan Blackwood,Glenn Jystad, Malissa Dillman Runtime: 45:53 Video:   Stories Covered: VLC~ VR ~ What Clients Need ~ Sony HDR ~ Sonos v. D&M~ TE’s HAI-1~

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AVWeek Episode 196: I Don’t Know

To watch on YouTube directly please click here. LG has a new OLED display at 1 mm thick. We talk about moving beyond the need for connectors. Apple has scraped plans for the Apple Display. IPv4 is running out. Plus, the FCC has upped the requirements for broadband. Host: Tim Albright Guests: John Greene of … Read more

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