Have You Lost Your Circadian Rhythm?

Note: This blog is a continuation of the ideas discussed in a recent LightCast podcast. People might think it’s coffee, but their bodies really need day and night cycles to set their circadian clock, which is roughly a 24-hour cycle. Your body needs to get the correct dose of blue light in the morning, around … Read more

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ResiWeek Episode 48: New Years Predictions

We look back at the events that shaped the Residential integration market in 2016.  How significant was the mass market release of Alex and Echo – Is voice control the paradigm change we were hoping for? Consolidations continue to change the playing field.   Plus a “Futurecast ” at what 2017 and 2018 will bring.

Host: Matt Scott


Runtime: 36:05

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Light Me Up! Lighting That Makes You Feel Better

Bio-Adaptive Lighting Have you ever woken up in the dark and turned on a light so you wouldn’t trip, only to be blinded by the intense light bombarding your eyes? Bio-adaptive lighting can change that experience for you. Bio-adaptive lighting adapts the color temperature of lighting to match the mood or desired light level. This … Read more

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