Daily Download October 13, 2017

IT AV 9: 4K is becoming a regular part of the audio visual integrators’ experience. So is using the network to transport audio, video, and control. Paul Zielie, Michael Drainer, and Justin O’Connor talk about using the network to send 4K video.

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Uphill in a Blizzard – Both Ways

During any emergency it becomes very apparent what is important and what can be put aside until things return to normalcy. Recently the Mid-Atlantic region experienced a blizzard that made any kind of travel unsafe, if not impossible. How people dealt with keeping their businesses moving forward to start the year when no one was … Read more

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Connected! 4: Technology Trends and Predictions

David Danto and guests recap the last year in IoT and discuss- Where are the current design thoughts and processes leading technology to? From Security of IoT, delivery of content, acquisition of data, how 3D printing may make things duller, and more!

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