AVWeek 312: The Apprenticeship of AV

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InfoComm has released a new report on the financial health of the audio video industry in the Americas. AES has voted in a new group of officers. InfoComm and Full Sail are partnering to produce audio video professionals.

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AVWeek 288: Live from NSCA BLC 2017

We are recording from the NSCA’s annual Business Leadership Conference. We talk with manufacturers and integrators to find out why they come, what they have learned, and what they will take home. They also discuss the trends in technology and business that will impact integrators in the coming year.

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An Influx of New AV Pros Is On The Way!

If you have attended any leadership conference in the audiovisual industry in the last few years then you’ll know that there has been one very dominant topic of conversation: where do we find new AV talent? This industry seems to be particularly well known for not being well known. The old adage that many people … Read more

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InfoComm 2016 Plans

Getting Ready for Las Vegas I’m liking what my blog has turned into over the last few years. Typically I’ll write about business advice, personal productivity, or ways to make your team better. Every once in a while I will have to step aside and make sure you are aware of some pretty cool things … Read more

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Networking, Economics, and Generation Z

The last few days I have spent in Dallas, Texas at the latest NSCA Business Leadership Conference (BLC). It is one of my favorite times during the year. At roughly two and a half days, NSCA packs a ton of information into that time. If you are unfamiliar with NSCA, it is a trade organization … Read more

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AVWeek Special: NSCA Board at BLC 2016

On this AVNation Special we talk with outgoing and incoming NSCA Board presidents, board members, and Executive Director Chuck Wilson. We talk about the annual Business Leadership Conference, where the industry is headed, and what NSCA is doing to help recruit the next generation of AV professionals. Host: Tim Albright Guests: Chuck Wilson, Mike Hester, Kelly McCarthy, … Read more

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The Politics of AV

In the US we are gearing up for an eleven month competition we call our presidential elections. Truth be told, we have already begun but the real work and results begin the first of February with our individual state-wide nomination process. No doubt you have caught at least a bit of this circus from various … Read more

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