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Pico Prospective Episode 4: ‘Slope of Enlightenment’


On this Episode of Pico PROsectives we discuss news of Osram breakthrough with green and blue laser diodes as well as Lemoptix demonstrating its latest Heads Up Displays for automobiles (using Pico technology, of course). We also chat with Scott Niesen, VP of Marketing at Compound Photonics about their cutting edge technology which is designed and fabricated in the US. A great eye opening interview.

A State of Control Episode 9: The Glue That Binds

Host: Tim Albright AVNation Founder and Steve Greenblatt of Control Concepts Guests: Rich Fregosa, Matt Slack, and Dan Fulmer. Record Date: 3/4/2014  With IT and AV converging at lighting speed, what does this mean for the AV Control industry? Have we seen the end of processors and touchpanels? How can the control programmer of today succeed in an IT-centric

AV Nation Special: 2014 NSCA BLC Part 2

    Host: Tim Albright AVNation Founder  Guests: Daniel Newman of BroadSuite, Josh Shanahan from Sportview Technologies, and Michael Shinn of IMS Technology Services Record Date: 3/1/2014 We sit down with integrators and business insiders to discuss why they attend the NSCA Business Leadership Conference. They also discuss the hurdles AV companies will face in the coming year and

AV Nation Special: 2014 NSCA BLC Part 1

    Host: Tim Albright AVNation Founder  Guests: Chuck Wilson from the NSCA, Ingolf de Jong of GENCOMM, Dawn Birr from Sennheiser, and Tom LeBlanc of Commercial Integrator Record Date: 3/1/2014 During the 2014 NSCA Business Leadership Conference we sat down with NSCA Executive Director Chuck Wilson, outgoing President Ingolf De Jong, BLC sponsor Dawn Birr from Sennheiser and