Bradford’s Brain Balloons Column #0018 – Business Beliefs

Every so often things happen behind the scenes at AVNation HQ that Tim and I believe are worth sharing with our audience. During the week of August 25th there were some challenges with connecting to the AVNation servers. Our hosting company, Dreamhost, was under a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. The attack resulted in … Read more

Collection of Tweets between EFF showing how the information is not clear

Bradford’s Brain Balloons Column #0017 – Privacy changes Ownership

During the week of August 24, 2017 a discussion about how privacy impacts ownership garnered new attention after a Sonos update. The Boston Globe reported about a lawsuit that was based on a ZDnet article. There are many facets to this specific situation that can be debated, however the basic concept of a company changing … Read more

Bradford's Brain Balloons Logo with title of What is a Brain Balloon? What Make's Bradford's Better?

Bradford’s Brain Balloons – Column #0000 – Exposition

Excellent question, everyone gets three experience points for that. A brain balloon is an idea that one wants to share. As this column was incubating during the website update, there were multiple names that Mr. Albright and I went through. It started as Brain Blisters from the various music themes of having “blisters on my … Read more

FCC Changes the Rules of Personal Privacy

This September in New York City, InfoComm International held the third IoT Insights event where I was invited to speak about government policy issues and how that applies not only to the Internet of Things, but also to the audiovisual industry as a whole. You can see the Periscope stream of the presentation I gave … Read more

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