Bradford’s Brain Balloons Column #0018 – Business Beliefs

Every so often things happen behind the scenes at AVNation HQ that Tim and I believe are worth sharing with our audience. During the week of August 25th there were some challenges with connecting to the AVNation servers. Our hosting company, Dreamhost, was under a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. The attack resulted in … Read more

Collection of Tweets between EFF showing how the information is not clear

Bradford’s Brain Balloons Column #0017 – Privacy changes Ownership

During the week of August 24, 2017 a discussion about how privacy impacts ownership garnered new attention after a Sonos update. The Boston Globe reported about a lawsuit that was based on a ZDnet article. There are many facets to this specific situation that can be debated, however the basic concept of a company changing … Read more

The Self-Hating Technologist Part 2

See part one of The Self-Hating Technologist here. One of Us With the global adoption of smart devices and interconnected systems, a digital ecosystem has been created that allows unmatched potential for communication and learning. It also means that to participate in that ecosystem, you have to choose how much of yourself and your information … Read more

The Self-Hating Technologist Part 1

The technological age in which we live is absolutely incredible. The things that we are capable of accomplishing as machines talk to other machines, the improved efficiencies of our daily lives with smart devices and automation, the ability to communicate with those across the world in order to share and advance thought, invention, and society … Read more

Bradford_Brain_Balloons_0008 EdTech Electronic Education About Privacy - Kids are having an unbelievable 1984 experience, not just reading it!

Bradford’s Brain Balloons Column #0008 – EdTech Electronic Education about Privacy

As many of you know, I am a proponent of online privacy. Recently I received an article about the implications of Educational Technology (EDTech) and the use of it and how it impacts privacy. While I don’t have children, I believe that their education is important. Part of that education is learning about privacy, what … Read more

Bradford's Brain Balloons #0004- You are being watched.

Bradford’s Brain Balloons Column #0004 – You are being watched

This time last week (April 18, 2017) a class action lawsuit was being filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division claiming that Bose collected data without telling their users that they were. You can read the complaint (17-cv-2928) on the Sribd service. My previous writings have shown … Read more

Bradford's Brain Balloons Logo with title of What is a Brain Balloon? What Make's Bradford's Better?

Bradford’s Brain Balloons – Column #0000 – Exposition

Excellent question, everyone gets three experience points for that. A brain balloon is an idea that one wants to share. As this column was incubating during the website update, there were multiple names that Mr. Albright and I went through. It started as Brain Blisters from the various music themes of having “blisters on my … Read more

NDA does not need to mean No Digital Access

During my “day job”, I work on many projects that are subject to Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA). These projects range from new product development to new projects that have not been announced to details of clients and project contents. There are various levels of diligence called out in each agreement. I am not giving any … Read more