The Dawn of the REDBAND Collective

Like wildfire, the news spread quickly throughout the AV industry at the end of August that the REDBAND bloggers group collectively decided that it was time for things to change. The individual efforts contributed by each of the REDBAND members had brought a certain amount of notoriety that caused the founder of the group, Christopher … Read more

Insecurity Apparently Runs Rampant At The Top

Self-proclamation of your own greatness is a dangerous hill to climb, especially when you’re in the service of providing information based content. To say that there is only one place to get “the best” industry information is bordering on the completely absurd with the modern availability of news. There are several publications, both corporate and … Read more

#AVSelfie Gets Even Better

Redband and AVNation have teamed up with HiPhi, Phil Cordell, to bring you a fun way to enjoy InfoComm 2014, whether you are in Vegas or not. Four weeks ago we introduced the #AVSelfie hashtag. The idea is to take a picture of yourself doing AV-centric things. This week at InfoComm 2014, that would include … Read more

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