Bradford_Brain_Balloons_0008 EdTech Electronic Education About Privacy - Kids are having an unbelievable 1984 experience, not just reading it!

Bradford’s Brain Balloons Column #0008 – EdTech Electronic Education about Privacy

As many of you know, I am a proponent of online privacy. Recently I received an article about the implications of Educational Technology (EDTech) and the use of it and how it impacts privacy. While I don’t have children, I believe that their education is important. Part of that education is learning about privacy, what … Read more

What You Can Learn From the Top Higher Ed Integrators

Our friends at Commercial Integrator have come up with the top integrators in various markets. From medical to restaurants. One of the markets they looked at was higher education. They talked with a number of the top producers to get what worked, and what did not work, for them. One of the more salient quotes … Read more