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Daily Download Tuesday July 30, 2019

Voice control and touch screens seem like features we can’t live without nowadays. How long will it take for facial recognition to reach the same status?

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AVWeek 411: Experiential Expectations

How 4K and 8K displays are driving distribution, creating meaningful experiences with AV, and finding where interactive digital signage belongs within verticals.

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A State of Control 27: Programmer Training

On this episode we look at in-person audio visual programmer conferences. What value do they bring? How do they propel you and your team forward? Are they worth the investment from both a time and money aspect?

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Pico Prospective Episode 4: ‘Slope of Enlightenment’

On this Episode of Pico PROsectives we discuss news of Osram breakthrough with green and blue laser diodes as well as Lemoptix demonstrating its latest Heads Up Displays for automobiles (using Pico technology, of course). We also chat with Scott Niesen, VP of Marketing at Compound Photonics about their cutting edge technology which is designed and fabricated in the US. A great eye opening interview.

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Good Night & Good Luck Mr. Feldstein

The biggest news in AV this week was the announcement that George Feldstein, founder of Crestron, was retiring as CEO of the automation and video giant. Randy Klein will be the new President and CEO, Dan Feldstein will become the company’s COO, and Fred Bargetzi will hold the title of CTO. So, here’s to you, … Read more

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That’s What I’m Talking About

This week Extron announced that their new DTP Crosspoint 84 switcher has an integrated control system. This is news because when it was first announced there was not a system built into the box and yet the fine folks from Anaheim were positioning this product to compete with AMX’s Enova DVX and the Crestron DMPS. … Read more

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Your AV D’oh!

The past few week have been spent in my 9-5 talking with others in the integration part of the industry. They were seeking my advice on some things, and I theirs. A couple of conversations sort of meandered into the realm of the “dumbest thing I ever did”. A few were quite remarkable. It lead … Read more

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Everything AV On The Network

Both on this week’s AVWeek and during the recording of the March episode of A State of Control the conversation lent itself to talking about AV on the network. Whether we are talking about sending audio/video/control over a switched infrastructure (i.e. AVB), point-to-point systems like HDBaseT or something entirely new, the idea of AV on … Read more

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