Kramer at ISE2017 talking customer focused evolution

We stopped by the Kramer booth to get a jump on ISE 2017. We talk about what they are doing to help integrators implement smart rooms more seamlessly and how they have evolved over the last five years. Editor’s note: Kramer Electronics is an AVNation underwriter. Host: Tim Albright Recording Date: 2/7/2017 Running Time: 8:04 Video:

The AV World of Communication and Collaboration

By: Corey Moss As someone who has been in the AV industry for quite some time, much of it in integration sales, I, along with many others, find it apparent that we now spend much of our daily lives communicating and collaborating through certain ways like never before at work, school and even getting together … Read more

Warm or Cold, InfoComm Has an Event for You!

Are you looking to increase your knowledge? Do you want to join in-depth discussions of strategic business planning and industry insights? Then InfoComm has the event for you! November is a busy month for industry leaders who want to network with peers and gain industry knowledge. Let’s take a quick look at two events that … Read more

The #Collaboration Problem (And How We Can Stop It)

By: S. Kyle Davis No one is a bigger fan of collaboration than I am. I love seeing people come together and create solutions that are greater than their individual parts. It’s something that I enjoy professionally at my workplace, and I love seeing how technology can be used to make the process better. I’ve … Read more

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