Your Data is AVNation’s Priority

As many of you know, I am a privacy and security advocate. I am also the web architect and digital janitor of AVNation. I follow the principles of privacy and security as I design and implement the AVNation web presence. I am not alone in this desire for privacy and security; as a group, AVNation has joined the EFA. … Read more

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The Value of Relationship

I’ve been reading a book on sales by Chet Holmes called The Ultimate Sales Machine. It was given to me by a person I consider a mentor in my career. He’s incredibly successful and points to this book as one of his foundations for what he has achieved. If you’re not familiar with Chet Holmes, … Read more

Why Underwriters?

Why Underwriters? It’s a question we get asked more and more. AVNation is an online publication. As such, we don’t have a physical magazine to offer to advertisers and supporters to place full page ads in. We could go the traditional advertising route. That would include figuring out a cost per thousand (CPM) model based … Read more

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