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ResiWeek 180: Flea Market Model

CEDIA opens nominations for the 2020-2021 year, walking the aisles of Best Buy and Modus VR updates their virtual design software.

Video Conferencing Goes Virtual – Part 3

By: Bob Tamburri The Practical Side of Virtual Reality Conferencing We’ve talked about the promise of virtual reality in conferencing (and other business) applications and the technological requirements to achieving that vision. What remains is perhaps the most difficult challenge – the political/economic reality (or PER) of achieving wide market acceptance for any given technology. … Read more

Video Conferencing Goes Virtual – Part 2

By: Bob Tamburri Building the VR Conferencing Solution Previously, we presented a scenario of what a Virtual Reality Conferencing (VRC) experience might be like and explored the roots of VR and how we got where we are. In this segment, we will try to piece together the constituent components and technology that will be required … Read more

Video Conferencing Goes Virtual – Part 1

By: Bob Tamburri On the Road to Virtual Reality In the not-too-distant future… It is morning and a sliver of sunlight breaches your curtains as you ruffle through the warmth and comfort of your covers to attempt a rise to consciousness. After taking a few moments to get your bearings, you glance over at your … Read more

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EdTech 46: Write Your Own Code

Should manufacturers get into the business of selling directly to end users? How do you foster brand loyalty? InfoComm is starting to offer AV education in high schools. Plus, what is the use case for VR in the classroom?

Read moreEdTech 46: Write Your Own Code

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AVWeek Episode 262: AR Revenue Streams

Does AR and VR offer possible revenue streams for the audio visual integrator? We talk about video wall processors. How can the AV community come together and share ideas? We also look at third party verification. Host: Tim Albright Guests: Chris Neto – AV Helpdesk Mike Shinn – IMS Technology Services Runtime: 32:51 Click to Watch … Read more

The World Inside A Pokémon Ball

The Speed of Adoption It’s unlikely that at this point you haven’t encountered someone in your home, office, or just on the street somewhere playing Pokémon Go. This game is dominating social media, blogs, even earning a “Mania” rating and its own section on the front page of a major metropolitan news site. The question … Read more

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