Networking chops: Do you need them or can you rely on vendors?

By: Anthony Zotti As a residential integrator, you’ve spent countless hours learning the ins and outs of Dolby Atmos, HDBaseT, how to dim LED fixtures, the nitty gritty of your chosen control platform and more. Commercial systems integrators invest in similar countless hours educating themselves on sound reinforcement, staging, video walls, video conferencing products, the … Read more

Engage Students with Classroom Collaboration Tools

Students have been collaborating in classrooms since the days of the single-room schoolhouse. Collaboration is, by definition, an “intellectual endeavor.” But just because it’s natural to collaborate in schools, doesn’t mean students and educators are always using the best tools. Integrating the correct tools into classrooms will improve collaboration among students in and out of … Read more

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ResiWeek Episode 30: 8K Networks

Access Networks is getting into the Wifi business. One Firefly has new education offerings for integrators. And, Japan is getting push back on their 8K broadcasts. Host: Matt Scott Guests: Rich Fregosa – Todd Anthony Puma – The Source Home Theater Paul Williams – Control4 Runtime: 38:03 Click to Watch the Video: Click to Listen to … Read more

Modulation Adulation, 802.11ac is not the future

Anthony Zotti of AVNation’s Power Over Ethernet and DIY Shows on 802.11ac improved modulation scheme. 802.11ac is the latest, ratified standard in wireless networking and it is not the future. It is here, now, and it rocks. There are a number of improvements to the existing 802.11n standard built in to 802.11ac that we have … Read more

Your Wi-Fi Sucks

Tony Zotti of the Power Over Ethernet and DIY shows on how to have the ultimate WiFi experience  I’ll bet you bought a single, consumer grade wireless router and plugged it in wherever your modem is with no regard for best signal distribution. I’d wager that you didn’t do any sort of scan for neighboring, contentious APs (Access … Read more

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