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EdTech 55 : The FCC did What?

. The FCC Wireless auction of the 600 and 700mhz frequencies is over and done. The group talks about the changing landscape of the RF spectrum and discuss what, when, and where is this already happening.Video available below Host: Bill O’Donnell Guests: Ernie Bailey – Ernie Bailey on LinkedIn Ryan Schugar – Total Video Products … Read more

Is Bluetooth Taking Over the World?

Note: This blog is a continuation of the ideas discussed in a recent Connected podcast. The History of Bluetooth Bluetooth technology was created in the late 90s when companies were coming up with ways to eliminate cords and make products operate together wirelessly. In the early 2000s, a special interest group was formed that was … Read more

Engage Students with Classroom Collaboration Tools

Students have been collaborating in classrooms since the days of the single-room schoolhouse. Collaboration is, by definition, an “intellectual endeavor.” But just because it’s natural to collaborate in schools, doesn’t mean students and educators are always using the best tools. Integrating the correct tools into classrooms will improve collaboration among students in and out of … Read more

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