AVWeek 400 slate

AVWeek 400: Crushing It

Zoom makes over $750 million in one day, finding your next successor, and finding out how much consumers care about Green AV.

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Deadly Download October 31, 2018

As video conferencing technology becomes more commonplace, it’s important to use your AV expertise to guide your customer to the best option.

AVWeek 373 slate

AVWeek 373: Just Right

Looking at where IOT and AI will affect the AV industry the most, the importance of local support when expanding globally, and the difference of dealing with a distributor instead of directly with the manufacturer.

AVWeek ep 363 slate

AVWeek 363: Managing Expectations

A rise in corporate AV jobs

A new AVIXA report says corporate audiovisual sales will increase over the next four years. Getting manufacturers and integrators to work together on big projects. Selling video conferencing systems in a world of Zoom and Google Hangouts.

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